Brief Introduction of Titanium Materials

Titanium has a number of material properties that make it the ideal metal for demanding applications. These properties include excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and extreme temperatures. The metal also has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.   All of these properties, as well as its high tensile strength, have led to titanium’s broad adoption in the aerospace, medical and defense industries.

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Information of Titanium

Features Info
Subtypes Grade 1 Titanium, Grade 2 Titanium
Process CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication
Tolerance With drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm No drawing: ISO 2768 medium
Applications Aerospace fasteners, engine components, aircraft components, marine applications
Finishing Options Media Blasting, Tumbling, Passivation

Available Stainless steel Subtypes

Subtypes Yield Strength Elongation at Break Hardness Corrosion Resistance Maximum Temp
Grade 1 Titanium 170 – 310 MPa 24% 120 HB Excellent 320– 400 °C
Grade 2 Titanium 275 – 410 MPa 20 -23 % 80–82 HRB Excellent 320 – 430 °C

General Information for Titanium

Previously used only in state-of-the-art military applications and other niche markets, improvements to titanium smelting techniques has seen use become more widespread in recent decades. Nuclear power plants make extensive use of titanium alloys in heat exchangers and especially valves. In fact the corrosion resistant nature of titanium means they do believe that nuclear waste storage units lasting 100,000 years could be made from it. This non-corrosive nature also means titanium alloys are widely utilised in oil refineries and marine components. Titanium is entirely non-toxic which, combined with its non-corrosive nature, means it is used for industrial scale food processing and in medical protheses. Titanium is still in high demand within the aerospace industry, with many of the most critical parts of the airframe made from these alloys in both civilian and military aircraft.

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